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Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for coming out on Friday to do our home inspection. It was great meeting you and Hershey. We appreciate the summary you gave us on-sight and look forward to going through the in-depth report. Thanks for the referrals and we’ll be in touch if we need more contacts.

Take care, Stephanie

Dear Jack,

Thank you so much for asking! You have been so helpful, I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Well, I did submit an offer to buy the house for 329,000, “as is” with the sellers completing the termite work. I made my decisions based on the information you provided with the home inspection as well as several other persons in the real estate business and contracting. Anyway, I have already let “everyone” know that if they need a home inspector…YOU ARE THE GUY!!!!! Thank you for going the extra mile, I will always be grateful.


Re: Cherrywood, Irvine

Hi Jack,

Thanks again for helping us out! We sure appreciate your professionalism and the way you treat our clients with respect. We ALWAYS get great feedback from our Buyer’s…. You’re a classy guy!

Darlene & Jon

Hi Jack

Hey I totally appreciate your honesty today.
I think Veronica (my client) was a little uneasy about the whole place and so was I. You just confirmed our thought.
Look out for me in the next week or so cause I need you again.

Thanks, E. F. C-21

Dear Jack:

Thanks for a great job inspecting the new house. You will be on my recommendation list.

Jonathan S. (Saybrook)


Thanks for the email of the inspection. I was able to email it on to the listing broker. She does want a hard copy for her and her client along with the pictures. I am not sure if she was able to open all of it on her computer. I will be looking forward to getting the report from you asap. I am pleased by your thoroughness and will highly recommend you in the future.