Selling a Home

Selling a home can be a very stressful time in anyone’s life. In most cases, if you are selling a home, you are also buying another. The stress factor can be extreme. JLC Inspections and C.M.I. Canine Mold Investigations understand the problems you face and can guide you through the process with greater ease.

Why should I have an Inspection done on my home when I know that the buyer will do the same?
We have found that having a Inspection done prior to listing your home or receiving your first offer can be beneficial in many ways. A pre-listing inspection is different from an inspection that might be done during escrow. A primary difference is that more emphasis is placed on the cosmetic condition of your home. Another huge advantage is that an estimated cost for repair of specific items is supplied, to help you better assesses the asking price of your home.

As an example, let us assume you have determined the fair market value for your home to be $655,000. A pre-listing inspection is performed and the estimate to repair or replace comes to $3,000. Your options are to repair the items or negotiate with the buyer. If you elect to make the necessary repairs yourself, the new asking price of your home is $658,000. After the cost of your inspection, you have saved nearly $3,000.

Perhaps an even more important aspect of a pre-listing inspection is the opportunity to learn about the problems in your home before your potential buyer does! When a buyer becomes aware that the home they are interested in purchasing needs repairs, they tend to scrutinizing the home, making “mountains out of molehills”. Why plant the seeds of doubt and subject yourself to additional stress?


  • It is not uncommon during the selling process for the buyer to negotiate for a better price on your home or ask that money be placed in escrow to fix items found by the buyer’s inspector.
  • More often than not, quotes given by the buyer’s Inspection team are inflated and substantially higher than prices a seller might negotiate with his own Inspection company.
  • Having a pre-listing Inspection done will identify and alert the seller to items which might be found during the buyers inspection.
  • Making necessary repairs prior to accepting an offer will make your home appear to be in maximum condition. The end result, you command a better price and reduce the loss on the backside of the transaction.

JLC Inspections and C.M.I. have the contacts to help you.
Following a pre-listing inspection, we can provide recommendations for companies that can do the necessary repairs to assist you.

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