Why Use a Mold Dog?

7 Top Reasons to Use a Mold DogHIA4

1. Less Expensive
Mold Dogs generate quicker and more accurate results, which leads to lower remediation costs for homeowners and insurers. For schools, hotels, commercial and government buildings, cost savings can be quite substantial.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology
The “Nose” is cutting-edge technology and the latest trend in the home inspection industry. It’s the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of mold – critical information for lowering costs

3. Proven and Trusted
“Man’s best friend” has been used for years by military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs and drugs, among other things. In Europe, dogs have been used to detect mold for over 20 years.

4. Dogs are Honest
Dogs are trained to work for food and love…and NOT for profits.

5. Greater Peace of Mind
Research supports that if the dog finds mold, there’s a high statistical probability you should investigate further. If the dog doesn’t find mold, you can know with greater certainty that your home, office or school is safe from mold

6. Hard Workers
In Germany, government authorities have found that a typical office building search of approximately 200 rooms can take one dog eight hours to complete.

7. Effective Problem Solvers
For REALTORS® concerned about escrow timelines, Mold Dogs can quickly and more accurately inspect a home, which gives both parties the feedback they need to quickly and effectively resolve issues.