Moisture Control Inspections

Moisture control focuses on principles of how water moves into and within a building and why the movement of water should and can be controlled or managed. Methods for verifying the appropriate implementation of moisture control and making recommendations to correct is a key factor in helping eliminate fungal growth, bacteria, dust mites and related contamination within the building envelope.

People that this type of inspection and consulting benefits are:

  • Homeowners experiencing water leaks through exterior walls, ceilings or slabs.
  • Overseers of HOA associations wanting guidance on moisture issues around or inside the buildings.
  • Anyone who designs, builds, operates or maintains buildings and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
  • Professionals who design buildings and produce drawings, specifications and contracts for construction or renovation.
  • Professionals who erect buildings from the construction documents.
  • Professionals who operate and maintain buildings, conducting preventive maintenance, inspecting the landscape, building interior and exterior equipment and finishes and performing maintenance and repairs


JLC Inspections is a Board Certified-Council Certified Moisture Control Consultant and can help you with identifying and correcting water leaks into the building envelope and to help control that moisture enters the home.