Mold and Environmental Inspections

JLC Inspections, Inc. is one of few Indoor Environmental Inspection Companies in Orange County that has the training, certification and credible credentials recognized by the Federal Government to be able to work in a Federal building. (see US United Facilities Guide Specifications on the download section of this web site)  The vast majority of the inspection companies only claim to have a true certification, but when challenged on where they obtained there credentials they fail to be able to verify what is considered to be a credible certification. Certification obtained off the internet, from one day seminars or someone handing out what they call a certification based on no work history, schooling or time performing the job would not be a credible certification to most logical people. Most of the web sites you look at show you symbols of certifications and yet most of them are something someone made up on there own, are from a web based company, are Home Inspectors Associations and have nothing to do with Indoor Air Quality. As the consumer you need to become educated. The American Council for Accredited Certifications (ACAC) is the ONLY independent third party ACCREDITED certification in the country. Please go to the front page of this web site and listen to the introduction video. Then get educated further and go to the educational video page of this site. Please do not be fooled by the scammers in the business.

What most people do not understand is that MOLD is just a small part of health related issues happening inside the homes we live in. Most Inspectors, even trained ones have a limit on there inspections, mold only. JLC Inspections holds 4 top level Engineering related, Minimum 8 year certifications offered by The American Council for Accredited Certifications that cover all items such as bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), dust mites, rodent issues, Industrial hygiene and much more.

One of the big advantages JLC Inspections can offer as it relates to Mold is he has at his disposal the incredible sense of smell of a Mold Detection Dog. JLC Inspections, Inc. performs inspections in the same manner as other environmental inspectors, but adds the benefit of their incredible sense of smell. Mold Dogs generate quicker and more accurate results, which lead to lower testing and remediation costs for homeowners and insurance company alike. Schools, hotels, commercial structures and government buildings, have a proven track record for substantial cost savings when using Mold Detection Dogs.

Jack Clausen is the primary inspector for JLC Inspections. He is one of a very few Inspectors in the Nation that holds 4 top level Engineering accredited certifications that requires a minimum of 8 years field experience for each certification to be eligible to sit for the 120 question exams. All of the certifications are board awarded by The American Council for Accredited Certifications.

The following are the 4 Certifications held by Jack Clausen of JLC Inspections:

Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant:(CIEC) American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) #1404011

Council-certified Microbial Consultant: (CMC) American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) #0607106

Council-certified Environmental Thermography Consultant:(CETC) American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC)#1010018

Council-certified Moisture Control Consultant:(CMCC) American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) #

You can find a copy of all of my certification on the “download/certifications/insurance” tab on this web site. No one else I know of does this to prove there creditability

Jack Clausen also sits on the advisory board for the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) assisting in the approval process of all A.I.A.Q.C. mold inspectors across the nation. Read about what is important when choosing a mold inspector. Go to Picking a mold inspector Page

JLC Inspections, Inc. believes that testing for microbial problems is as important as finding the problem. How, when, and where to test is critical in obtaining good results. Inspectors with little or no experience in the industry can cost the customer hundreds of wasted dollars by performing a poor inspection, over testing, improper testing techniques, or lack of knowledge where to test. With thousands of inspections and tests behind us it is we are proud of our track record in supplying our clients with the best the industry can offer.
Our prices are very competitive our inspectors are certified and discounts are available for customers having a standard Real Estate Inspection done at the same time.