Selling a Home

Selling a home can be a very stressful time in anyone’s life. In most cases, if you are selling a home, you are also buying another. The stress factor can be extreme. JLC inspections understands the problems you face and can guide you through the process with greater ease.

Why should I have an Inspection done on my home when I know that the buyer will do the same?
We have found that having a mold Inspection done prior to listing your home or receiving your first offer can be beneficial in many ways. A pre-listing mold inspection is different from an inspection that might be done during escrow.  The advantage to having a mold inspection done prior to listing the home is that if problems are discovered, it gives the homeowner time to repair and keeps a future deal from falling apart.



  • It is not uncommon during the selling process for the buyer to negotiate for a better price on your home or ask that money be placed in escrow to fix items found by the buyer’s inspector.
  • More often than not, quotes given by the buyer’s Inspection team are inflated and substantially higher than prices a seller might negotiate with his own Inspection company.
  • Having a pre-listing Inspection done will identify and alert the seller to items which might be found during the buyers inspection.
  • Making necessary repairs prior to accepting an offer will make your home appear to be in maximum condition. The end result, you command a better price and reduce the loss on the backside of the transaction.

JLC Inspections has the contacts to help you.
Following a pre-listing mold inspection, we can provide recommendations for companies that can do the necessary repairs to assist you.

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